Saturday, July 27, 2013


Last week Maddie and I were hanging out with Kendall and her boyfriend, Zac. We got to talking about how I hadn't been to the beach at all this summer and we all know how unacceptable that is, you can't even call it summer yet till you are at the beach. So we decided we would go on a last minute road trip and sleep in a tent next to Zac's parent's motorhome. It was convenient that they were staying were we wanted to go when we wanted to go! So we drove down on a thursday and we were so excited, we get to the RV park where we thought we were going to be putting the tent up in the grass or in the sand. Nope. Concrete. We had to set the tent up on concrete. Kendall and Zac had pads so they were fine, but Maddie and I thought we were going to be on sand or grass so we didn't bring pads. So yes, we slept on the bare, cold, hard, concrete. It was miserable, but it made for quite the memory. Luckily the next two days Zac's sister left so we all got to sleep in the RV with his parents. 

Right when we got to California we set up camp and got all our luggage out, then we just couldn't wait any longer to feel the ocean breeze and sand in our toes, so we went to the beach of course. Maddie and I were so excited we were dancing around in the ocean, as any normal person would do, I accidentally hit her hand were she was holding her phone and it fell, in the ocean. The wave came up over it and we were panicking, we thought we had lost it under the wave for sure. I hurry and reached down and it was right there, so we pick it up and RUN back to our towels and stuff and are trying to get it dry. Everything was working perfectly fine it was the weirdest thing, later we went and got a bag of rice to put it in just incase. So that is what kicked off the trip, pretty thrilling. 

So we went back to camp after going to get ice cream and went to bed. The next morning we got up and we wanted to be on the beach alllllll day long soaking up the sun. We hurried and got ready and headed to Coronado Island, they have one of my favorite beaches ever. Maddie and I were just messing around with the birds taking pictures before we got wet and disgusting, as we were walking there was this girl right next to us with sunglasses and a really cute sun hat that Maddie loved and kept commenting on how much she wanted it. This girl was perfect and her family was so cute, they were sitting no more than twenty feet in front of us on the beach and when they started to pack up Kendall said she looked just like Sandra Bullock. My first reaction was, there is no way that could be her, at all. Then Maddie and I got a good look at her and our mouths just dropped..IT WAS SANDRA BULLOCK. I love her. I love every single movie she is in and I could not believe that for the past two hours she was walking and playing right next to us on the beach, it was a pretty freaking good start to the day, sadly they were leaving and her manager didn't let us take any pictures with her but Kendall got one on her iPhone of them packing up. The rest of the day consisted of getting crashed by the freezing cold, but extremely thrilling, waves. Then getting ice cream, Maddie and Kendall LOVE ice cream, I tease them for it all the time. 

The last day, were knew we were going home the next day so we had to make this day the best, sadly it was cloudy all day. But that didn't stop us, we went to Mission Beach and Belmont Park, did a little shopping and went on a lot of roller coasters. We also got crashed by the waves some more, that is literally my favorite thing to do at the beach. We ate at my favorite restaurant for literally every meal, La Salsa, right next to Hotel Del Coronado. Go there and try their chicken taquitos they are heaven. 

I seriously had the best time, with the best people. Things like this I will miss so much in Virginia. 

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