Friday, August 23, 2013

2250 Miles Later

The other day on our little road trip we went through all of Arkansas and drove over the Mississippi River in Memphis then we stopped in Nashville, Tennessee. I always pictured Nashville as country everything, country music, cowboy boots and all. Well I was right. There was country music playing everywhere and there were at least three stores in the mall full of cowboy boots, haha. We ate at this amazing restaurant right next to the Grand Ol' Opry House called the Aquarium. The name pretty much says it all, it was a giant aquarium that you eat around. I have always been fascinated with tropical fish, I want to go scuba diving in tropical water so bad.  

Then we hit the last and final day of the trip on wednesday. We were finally to our new home! (It is so weird calling this place home) It was very rainy , which kind of fit with my emotions. So now I am here, in Virginia, in an empty house with no furniture and none of my stuff. The moving company doesn't get here with our stuff for about another week, there is a lot to do this week. We have to fully furnish our house, go school shopping, register for school, and a lot more. Kill. Me. Now. Once I get my room put together I will post some pictures for you all to see, Wish me luck!!

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