Sunday, August 25, 2013

in with the new

You know when you go someplace new and you can just feel everyone looking at you and whispering to those around them? Well that is exactly how I felt today. Today we went to our new ward here in Richmond, this place definitely is not Provo, Utah or Gilbert, Arizona. There were only like 6 kids in my Sunday school who were within two years age of me and they were from all over Richmond. I have, for the most part, always grown up where the Church is heavily populated and it is such a strange feeling going to a ward where you know the kids struggle with being the only members in the schools and the parents are the only members at their works, it is a totally different lifestyle but as everyone says, the church is true everywhere. However I do think the spirit was way stronger than in most wards cause you know that all these people WANT to be there and they WANT to feel the spirit and learn more about the gospel and they come from all over the city just to be here and partake of the sacrament where as in Utah I feel like a lot of people go just for their social status.

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  1. Tyson! This is literally my life you're talking about! I've lived in (rural, rural) NJ my entire life and always been the only person my age in my ward! I live like 35 minutes away from my church building and was the only member in my high school. I just moved to Provo 2 days ago for my freshman year at BYU and it is SO weird to get used to a culture opposite of what you've experienced your entire life. Richmond will be great though. I can't tell you enough how living in an area like that truly taught me that you can't just live the gospel halfway. Going from east coast to provo is culture shock for me, and I'm sure it feels pretty bizarre doing the opposite. You can do it!