Monday, September 9, 2013


Woooooooaaaaahhh do I have a lot to fill you guys in on.

SCHOOL. I've been the new kid before but man was this time way different. I guess I knew that it was going to be different across the country and that it would be hard starting over as a senior, but I had no idea that it was going to be this hard and different. Keep in mind I am not at all trying to sound like I am having a little pity party, its hard ok? The first day of school was a train wreck, absolutely terrible. I had no idea where I was in the school to find anything, I didn't know anyone in my classes to talk to, and don't even get me started about sitting by myself at lunch.. The second day was BETTER, not good, better. Some really nice girls came up and invited me to sit with them during lunch and now I have been sitting with them, and we have even gone out to lunch. I am so grateful for them already in having the courage to come and get me in my time of need. Well now that I have totally rambled about that..

THE MOVING TRUCK. If you are wondering why I haven't posted pictures of my new room and my house yet, that is because it is still empty. The truck still isn't here yet, we aren't even sure if they have left. It is sooooo frustrating.

I honestly don't even know how to explain to you all how hard this has been on me, so I'm not even going to try.

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