Tuesday, May 6, 2014

4 years later.

I have been feeling very nostalgic these past few weeks; each week getting closer and closer to graduating high school. These past four years I have complained continuously about high school and pretty much everything about it… but the truth is, I am going to miss high school (I still can’t wait to graduate though).

Over the past four years, I have had so many life changing memories.

The following are a bunch of totally random thoughts/memories/photos from the past four years:

Freshman year:
  • Ohhh freshman year…Holy crap this year was definitely a year for finding myself and who I was and where I wanted to go with my high school career. Although I didn’t know it at the time.

Sophomore year:
  •   First prom with Kaitlyn Adams. She was a best friend of my sister Whitney, so we all had so much fun! I loved being in high school with my sister/best friend.
  •      Went to Vegas with my friend Alison for her birthday. We got to the see the blue man group and phantom of the opera, seriously an experience I will never forget.

Junior year:
  •     Summer before junior year, got my license; a week after Kendall Evan, Maddie Greenhalgh, and Tyler Thomas all hydroplaned in my first car, Clifford- an old shitty red BMW. We were all so scared… for about 10 minutes and then we couldn’t stop laughing about it!
  •   One of my favorite things junior year were going to games; football games, basketball games, it didn’t matter to me. As long as all of my friends were there I was there. We usually never paid attention to the games but we always had so much fun!
  •   Wildlife world zoo field trip with my Ecology class. So much fun!!

Senior year:

  •  Well, moving 2,250 miles away from home is pretty life changing right? You pretty know how this year went from older post and from my social media.

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