Thursday, October 3, 2013

Happy Fall

Well, lets start out with the obvious. I SUCK AT BLOGGING. I find myself never having time to just sit down and write down what’s happening in life and my feelings on it, pray for me that I get better at it, haha.

Okay so the moving truck finally came last week (a whole month late), and some of our stuff was missing, some of it was wet, boxes were destroyed and lets just say that my mom and I were not very happy with “Two men and a Truck.” So I have been busy putting together my room, and if you follow me on instagram you saw my sneak peak at the start of my decorating. Pictures of my room coming soon.

MY SISTER IS A MARRIED WOMEN!!! Where the heck has time gone? Honestly I have felt so weird lately about how fast time has gone. My oldest sister, Amanda, is married and has a kid (Jaxon), Whitney just got married, Brock is a MARINE?!, and I’m graduating this year! Crazy, it feels like just yesterday we were all fighting for shot gun (oh wait that was yesterday, we still do that..) or all going to Classic Skating in Orem, UT literally every Thursday night on dollar night. Crazy. Absolutely crazy how much things have changed. Anyways, back to my point, WHITNEY IS MARRIED. The wedding was a total success, everything turned out perfect, minus a little bad lighting at the temple for family photos and Whitney’s dress zipper not zipping up at first. I am so happy for my sister and my new brother, Michael. They are perfect for each other. For the wedding my sister Amanda and her baby, Jaxon came along with my Grandparents on my mom’s side. I was really bummed my brother Brock couldn’t come due to the fact he is in basic training for the marines, its sad but sometimes I forget about where he is and what he is doing for our country, I really need to start writing him letters. My friend and fellow photographer, Jaci Smith came to Virginia and North Carolina with me to help me shoot the wedding cause I couldn’t take all the photos, like the family ones yatta yatta. My mom paid for her flight and I figured since we are paying for her to come she might as well stay for a little..right? So she was here for a whole week and it may have been the funniest week of my life. It was one long slumber party and we took some really fun photos. I’m grateful to have her as one of my best friends.

School still sucks, I have made some friends, but I hate homework. That’s all I have to say about school, but you get the picture, right?

I have some exciting news for all of you following my Photography blog, its over. Haha, I’m done with that blog and I am moving on to bigger and better things. I have started my very own professional website. No more of this blogspot crap (except for this blog, haha). So go check out and let me know what you think about the new site.  Also I booked another wedding in Arizona, other than the two in November. I cannot be more excited for it. Arizona for winter break, yeahhhh!

Ps. I am trying to update my iTunes, anyone have any good songs/artists?

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  1. YAY for blog updates!! You're awesome!! also...
    The paper kites new album is so good. Also, CHVRCHES, and Betty Who. I just did iTunes re-vamp